File Trans­fer Server Discovery

The aver­age cus­tomer only knows about 18% of their FTP servers

FTP/​Auditor enables you to:
  • Dis­cover and iden­tify all of the servers run­ning file trans­fer soft­ware, whether it be MFT (Man­aged File Trans­fer) prod­ucts or native FTP, SFTP or FTPS servers in your network
  • Deter­mine how FTP on these servers is secured
  • Eval­u­ate the pur­pose and con­tri­bu­tion of file trans­fer usage on those servers to the business
  • Ensure file trans­fers serv­ing the busi­ness are prop­erly secured
  • Ensure file trans­fers that do not con­tribute in a mean­ing­ful way to the busi­ness are dis­abled and stays disabled
  • Pro­tect your com­pany from costly and embar­rass­ing breaches of sen­si­tive cor­po­rate or cus­tomer data

Con­duct reg­u­lar, auto­mated Scans

Main­tain­ing net­work secu­rity requires con­stant vig­i­lance. Many of our cus­tomers have reported that they find new file transfer-​enabled servers in their net­work every week.
To ensure con­sis­tent ongo­ing net­work secu­rity, Sen­try Audi­tor™ can be set up to run at reg­u­lar inter­vals and email the scan results to you. New servers enabled for file trans­fers will be brought to your atten­tion with no effort on your part. This allows you to eval­u­ate them in sec­onds and decide whether to dis­able or secure them appro­pri­ately, depend­ing upon the needs of the business.

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More infor­ma­tion on Sen­try Discovery™

  • How Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ works
  • Iden­tify FTP Servers
  • See what Data is exposed

How Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ works

Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ scans your cor­po­rate net­work and iden­ti­fies every server that has FTP enabled.

Addi­tion­ally, Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ assesses each server to see if it allows anony­mous FTP. With a double-​click you can dis­play the con­tent of the server’s default folder.

Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ scans also locate known servers, autho­rized for FTP usage. These servers can be moved to the Excluded tab so you can focus on the new and ques­tion­able servers run­ning FTP that need to be inves­ti­gated further.

You can set Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ up to run at reg­u­lar inter­vals and email the scan results to you, so new servers found run­ning FTP will be brought to your atten­tion with no effort on your part.

The screen shot shows the results of an FTP Audit.

213 servers with FTP enabled were located, a num­ber of which allow anony­mous FTP.

Iden­tify FTP Servers

Pause the mouse over a server to see the wel­come mes­sage the FTP Server sends out.

If the FTP server was set up with­out IT knowl­edge or approval, it will dis­play the FTP server’s default wel­come message.

Default wel­come mes­sages usu­ally iden­tify the type of FTP Server and the oper­at­ing sys­tem of the server the FTP server is run­ning on.

This infor­ma­tion can be used by hack­ers to search for known vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties and exploits for that par­tic­u­lar server.

See What Data is Exposed

Double-​click on any of the servers that Sen­try Dis­cov­ery™ finds to dis­play the files and fold­ers avail­able on the server.

If the server allows anony­mous logon, the files and fold­ers in its default folder will be displayed.

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