• StopAttacks

    We detect attacks and block them automatically

    Prevent Data Loss

    Most corporations don't even notice they are being attacked. We alert AND defend you - automatically.
  • FTPUsers

    We show you who they are and what they do.

    Audit Data Access & Transport

    FTP provides data your employees need for their job. And sensitive information they should not see. Find out who uses FTP and what they do with it.
  • RogueServers

    See where they are and how they are secured.

    Eliminate Exposure

    Unauthorized FTP servers create a gaping hole in your security. Find them and the data they put at risk.
  • HardenzOS FTP

    We integrate zOS FTP with your security system.

    Reduce Vulnerability

    zOS does not distinguish between viewing data from a desktop inside the network and copying it to a server on another continent.
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FTP is a security problem. We fix it.

FTP is the most frequently used data transport protcol in the world. The internet is built upon it. Literally every corporation uses it, yet it is one the most insecure protocols. FTP attacks are not restricted to professional hackers or entities of foreign governments. How-to-guides for hacking FTP are widely available, so FTP attacks have become
the method of choice for amateur hackers as well as disgruntled, greedy or misguided employees.


  • FTP/Armor >

    FTP/Armor detects FTP attacks on your servers in real time and automatically blocks the attacks before they even reach your servers.
  • FTP/Auditor >

    FTP/Auditor enables you to locate servers running FTP in your network and ensure that they are properly secured.

  • FTP/Guardian >

    FTP/Guardian enables you to create intelligent Security Policies by integrating zOS FTP with your security system.

  • FTP/Sentry >

    FTP/Sentry provides the controls to monitor and audit FTP activity enterprise-wide as well as detect and investigate suspicious activity.

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